The Howling Jade

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A tsunami can be created from a single drop.

Word has spread throughout the universe of a small planet free of Monarchy control.  While Ren sits in negotiations with Commander Weild, fighting for Novae’s freedom, the planet is becoming overrun with visitors wanting their own glimpse of the supposedly lawless land.  Ren and the people of Novae allow the tourists a bit of time on their planet, but soon Ren learns that not all of them have arrived through proper channels.  One of the visitors is giving away a new drug on behalf of the Calero family, a notorious drug cartel from another galaxy.  The drug proves to be more than it seems, and is capable of killing even when taking the proper dosage.  As Ren investigates she learns that the drug is capable of much worse than killing, and that Novae’s history is much darker than anyone knows.

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