Her Devil’s Grin

*Please note this may not be the final synopsis*


Everyone must fall before they can rise.

Obsessive is a word that has always been used to describe Vogue.  She needs things done a certain way, and that way is absolutely uncertain.  It’s never made sense to anyone until she met Ren Argent.  She never thought she would meet anyone that understood her so well until she escaped Novae, and the Monarchy, with one of Novae’s darkest secrets; Warren Lyall.

Used as a genetic experiment by Dawn Husher, Warren has sworn his allegiance to Vogue as she tracks down the man that saved him, Lieutenant Patton.  He’s also escaped the Monarchy, and Vogue wants to bring him, and everyone he’s working with, in for punishment.

While they spend their time hunting down Patton, Vogue is aware they’re being hunted back; Patton and his new friends want Warren, and claim that he’s the key ingredient for the next step in their plans.  Vogue needs help, and the only place she can find it is the last place she wants to go—Central Headquarters for the Calero syndicate.