Netgalley Feature

The Argent Star went live on Netgalley a while ago, and this week it’s being featured in two spots!  It’s on the homepage as well as in the debut authors section.

For authors that maybe are new to Netgalley, to get featured in these sections you need to actually submit your book to them.  On the bottom right on the dashboard is the section that lists various promotions available, some paid, some not.  To get on the homepage is free, as is being featured in a particular section.  Super easy to submit and get on there!  It took about a month and a half I believe before I got an email saying I was accepted 🙂  It’s really worth it though as downloads have really increased in just a day.



Her Devil’s Grin Update

It has somehow been a very long and very short year so far.  A lot has changed in my life, and my focus was diverted  towards working multiple jobs and searching for somewhere I could stay permanently.  No more contracts!  YAY!  That said, my hours are still weird.  Anyway, I’m not here to update you about my life, I just wanted to say that Her Devil’s Grin (The Monarchy 3) is just about complete.  I’ve gone through it more times than I can count, and it’s currently in the hands of my editors/beta readers, and hopefully soon I will be able to get the cover done up.

In other news, you can still find The Argent Star on Netgalley for free, as well as on Amazon and other retailers!

And enter the Giveaway on Goodreads soon if you’re in the US or Canada, and get a print copy of The Howling Jade!


Okay, links are done.  In the coming weeks I’ll be posting excerpts and teasers from each of the novels, so be sure to come back to check those out!

Blank Slate Characters

In the third book in The Monarchy series I switch the point of view from Ren to a character that was introduced in book two, and the story continues in another part of the galaxy.  While Ren and Sheridan and the world of Novae isn’t the setting anymore, the events that took place there have affected the rest of the universe.  That said, when I first started writing the part of Vogue in book 2, I wasn’t exactly sure who she was.

I knew I wanted her to be humorous and quirky, but I didn’t know much of her backstory when she first came onto the page.  It wasn’t until I started writing her that I learned more about who she was, and why she behaved in the strange ways she does.  It was a lot of fun to run through the book with Ren all the while discovering more and more about this begrudging hero.

Vogue is the star of books 3 and 4 in The Monarchy.  I’ve just finished up another micro edit on book 3, and it’s funny to think how she started off as a mystery and now I know everything about her.  It’s weird how when you’re writing things can fall into place and the plot moves along.

Coming Along

There’s something to be said about editing, and that’s that most writers hate it.  Anyone I’ve talked to discusses how annoying the editing process is, and I absolutely agree…usually.  It’s hard to start, but once I get into it it doesn’t seem so bad.  It feels as if it takes longer than writing the first draft (and rewriting the second and third).  But when I come back to a book after putting it down for a while, it’s almost new.  Sure, I remember the main events, but sometimes a character will say something that I’ve completely forgotten about and it’ll make me laugh, or want to cry (as is with Monarchy #3!).

Going through Monarchy #3 for what feels like the millionth time, I can see I’m getting close to the finish.  At least with my own edits, I still have to give the book to others to get some feedback.

I’m quite excited about the path this story has taken; it’s one of those paths that you don’t see coming as a writer when you first begin.  Things have happened that I never planned for, and it’s gone on a completely different tangent than I originally thought it would.

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter, then you already know I decided to get the covers for the first two redone, and after seeing them I’m even more excited to share!  Not yet, but soon!  They’re quite amazing 🙂  I also can’t wait to do a couple of giveaways for them through Goodreads.

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2016

Once again I’m going to attempt to finish the fourth book in my Monarchy series this Camp NaNoWriMo.  Chances are that isn’t going to happen, but if I could just get a good chunk of it done I think I’ll be happy.  I’m still working my way through editing number 3, and it should be out later this year hopefully.  For now I’ve added the synopsis/tagline from the book so if you want to know more about it check that out!  Or you could read the excerpt I posted last month here.


Good luck to all those doing Camp NaNo!