Blank Slate Characters

In the third book in The Monarchy series I switch the point of view from Ren to a character that was introduced in book two, and the story continues in another part of the galaxy.  While Ren and Sheridan and the world of Novae isn’t the setting anymore, the events that took place there have affected the rest of the universe.  That said, when I first started writing the part of Vogue in book 2, I wasn’t exactly sure who she was.

I knew I wanted her to be humorous and quirky, but I didn’t know much of her backstory when she first came onto the page.  It wasn’t until I started writing her that I learned more about who she was, and why she behaved in the strange ways she does.  It was a lot of fun to run through the book with Ren all the while discovering more and more about this begrudging hero.

Vogue is the star of books 3 and 4 in The Monarchy.  I’ve just finished up another micro edit on book 3, and it’s funny to think how she started off as a mystery and now I know everything about her.  It’s weird how when you’re writing things can fall into place and the plot moves along.

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