Coming Along

There’s something to be said about editing, and that’s that most writers hate it.  Anyone I’ve talked to discusses how annoying the editing process is, and I absolutely agree…usually.  It’s hard to start, but once I get into it it doesn’t seem so bad.  It feels as if it takes longer than writing the first draft (and rewriting the second and third).  But when I come back to a book after putting it down for a while, it’s almost new.  Sure, I remember the main events, but sometimes a character will say something that I’ve completely forgotten about and it’ll make me laugh, or want to cry (as is with Monarchy #3!).

Going through Monarchy #3 for what feels like the millionth time, I can see I’m getting close to the finish.  At least with my own edits, I still have to give the book to others to get some feedback.

I’m quite excited about the path this story has taken; it’s one of those paths that you don’t see coming as a writer when you first begin.  Things have happened that I never planned for, and it’s gone on a completely different tangent than I originally thought it would.

If you follow my Facebook or Twitter, then you already know I decided to get the covers for the first two redone, and after seeing them I’m even more excited to share!  Not yet, but soon!  They’re quite amazing 🙂  I also can’t wait to do a couple of giveaways for them through Goodreads.

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