Her Devil’s Grin Excerpt 1

Here’s a little piece from the next book in The Monarchy series, Her Devil’s Grin, featuring Vogue!  Check out the first two books in the series The Argent Star and The Howling Jade, each available for 0.99!

As big a problem as it was to get rid of Warren, Vogue had to first deal with finding a crew.  She had her Enforcer, which wasn’t going to go over well with a certain someone, but that was a problem for another time.  Right now she needed a Mechanic and a Director.  Someone to deal with the technology and one to deal with the people.  In a way Vogue felt giddy with the power, but with each heavy step Warren took she was reminded that this was only going to last for so long.  Soon she’d have to start her plan to get him out from under Reeve’s thumb.

Her fingers flipped through the papers on everyone free to join a crew.  There were hundreds of names, and not all of them would be willing to work with her.  They knew she wasn’t there because she had a deep desire to sell drugs and stake out enemy territory on Reeve’s behalf, and that would make convincing them hard to join.  Patiently, and a little too quietly, Warren waited behind her.  She pressed the pages to the counter and thanked the girl there, who didn’t look up from her computer as she grabbed the file and tossed them into the shredder beside her.  It whirred to life as Vogue turned.

“How do these crews work?” Warren asked.  His eyes went to the woman behind the desk before scanning the front of Central.  According to official Monarchy records the building was being used as a consultants office, but what they consulted on the Monarchy had no idea.  Well, they had an idea, they just couldn’t prove it.

“Usually four people are involved, each with a different job,” Vogue answered.  She leaned back on the desk for only two seconds before the woman jabbed a pencil between her shoulder blades.  Vogue jumped forward and sent her a scowl, only to receive a matching one back.  “You’re the Enforcer, you…enforce my commands.  There’s a Mechanic to deal with the scow and other things, and a Director to deal with any Monarchy that shows up.  And trust me, wherever a crew goes there will be Monarchy.”

“What’s your job then?”

“Controller,” Vogue answered.  “I just tell you all what to do.”

Warren furrowed his brow.  “That doesn’t seem like a very…difficult position.”

“Well, what can you do?  Management always gets the easy job.”


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