What time is it?

Time I get back to writing!  I’ve been so distracted lately, and it really cut into my inspiration.  While I tried to do at least some kind of writing on a daily basis, stressing about not having a job and sitting in a dark corner worrying about things I can’t control sort of took over.  Thankfully I still wrote down some notes, and have some great ideas for Monarchy 4 ending, and the one after.  Now I just have to sit my but down and write it.

So it’s a good thing that NaNoWriMo has come around again!  While I rarely win (I think I got 5K last time of like a 40K goal!) it’s wonderful encouragement.  This time I’ll be setting a goal of 10K as I am still editing The Howling Jade.

Speaking of which!  The Howling Jade (Monarchy 2) has a cover which will be revealed in July!  Smashwords has also set up preorders so that it only needs metadata, which means you don’t have to upload actual book or cover for it to be available for sale.  So be on the lookout for that preorder.

PS: Feel free to add me on Camp NaNoWrimo!

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