Edit Mode

I’ve been in editing mode for the past few weeks, which has totally cut into my daily word count. I haven’t even bothered to update my spreadsheet with how many words I’ve put down, because I’ve basically been doing none.  At least no real new ones, on a new project.  Editing can really take the wind out of your sails, I find.

But, the edits for Monarchy 2 are going well I think.  I’ve started getting some feedback and fixing typos and tightening up sentences and such.  Not really sure on a possible release day yet though.

I just wanted to share! I’ve been in my own little world of editing and haven’t updated in a while!  I’m going to try to get more up in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Edit Mode

  1. A Moran-Soley says:

    Me too! Full on edit mode and then research for the next novel. I feel like I haven’t written real words for so long. I find editing feels lonely – there are all these gaps in my brains with no characters filling them!


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