Ends and Beginnings

I’m officially done school, which means my days are now weirdly blank.  I’ve spent the last eight months having chunks of time dedicated to one particular thing, and now it’s just empty!  It’s going to take some getting used to.  I finally have time to start learning Russian again, as I stopped a few weeks ago when school picked up, and I also have time for…editing.  Oh so much editing and revising on Monarchy 2 + 3 still needs to be done.

But with editing and revising, I can also do some writing!  I’m nowhere near goal for Monarchy 4, I hope I can maybe get it up to 10K words.

Since it’s WIP Wednesday, here’s a piece of Monarchy 4!  Thankfully found a part that doesn’t have any spoilers 😉

Karlonna nodded.  “She was a scientist aboard the Absolution, that disappeared.  Did you hear they found it recently?”  Karlonna smiled, excited by the news just like any normal person.  “So many survivors.  A happy story in such a tragic universe.”

Vogue wasn’t about to burst that bubble.

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