NaNo Begins!

I caved and decided to work on Monarchy 4 for NaNoWriMo (see this post for reasons).  Although I’m not sure “caved” is the right word here.  I adjusted my goals? That sounds a little more reasonable!

Although as I set up my book on my Camp NaNo page I realized I can’t put up the synopsis.  I did a very rough one, that will most likely be kept, but it has spoilers for book three.  So, no synopsis!  I will, however, be putting up some excerpts from the book as I write it, sans spoilers, as well as clips from book 2 and 3.

This month I have a daily goal of 1334 words per day to make my monthly goal of 40K.  I did that much and more in January and February, and almost made it this past month.  I have a few scenes laid out, and most of the plot/ending set up, so I don’t think that will be an issue.  What will be troublesome is school–I have a few exams and I’m graduating third week of April, so I imagine that is going to get in the way of writing!  I suppose it’s an okay excuse though.

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