Excerpt: The Argent Star (3)

March 9th is almost here, meaning The Argent Star will soon be available!  That came up quickly!  Here’s the final excerpt, and be sure to check it out on Amazon!

“Why did you bring me here?” she asked. It was against Maks’s rules, and though Ren had only known her a short time, Ren hadn’t thought Sheridan would break the rules so easily. Yet she still brought Ren to one of the places Maks had forbidden, and didn’t even know about.

“When one is battling a river it is best to travel with the current,” Sheridan replied, a small smirk appearing. She knelt beside Ren and dipped her fingers into the water, swirling them around to create a line of green light. “This place is magic; I thought you could use some magic.”

“Magic isn’t real,” Ren said, although she enjoyed the idea of it. She wasn’t one to shy away from the entertaining tricks, from smoke and mirrors, but she knew it was just that. Tricks. “There’s probably some kind of algae here to create the glow, and maybe some kind of advan—”

“Not everything needs to be explained,” Sheridan said. “Sometimes it just is.” That made Ren quiet and she kept her opinion to herself. If the people of Novae believed in certain magics then that was fine. She didn’t want them to force their beliefs on her, so why should she force hers on them?

“Thanks,” she mumbled, “for bringing me here. You know, you’re actually really sweet.”

Sheridan blanched, her hand stopping all motion and remaining in the water. “What?”

“You try to hide it,” Ren said, her lips turning upwards, “and you always have those things on your back.”

Sheridan tilted her head to glance at the weapons she was never without. “They’re kamas,” she said before looking back at Ren.

“But I can see it. You act like you couldn’t care less about the world and what people think but you like Novae.” Ren was careful with her words. “You don’t like the Monarchy.”

Sheridan took a deep breath. “I don’t. And neither do you.”


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