Weekly Recap (03/06/2015)

Didn’t I JUST do one of these?

This week I had two exams, so overall writing as a little slower than I had hoped it would be.  I spent most of my time studying.  But, with determination and a lot of practice ignoring other things I managed to get Monarchy 3 up to 60K words!  Hallelujah!  I’m in the final stretch of writing and blindly flailing about to wrap things up.  My characters have gotten into a lot more trouble this time around, and there’s only more to come 🙂

Some of my attention has also been diverted to sitting in silence staring at a wall worrying about day one of The Argent Star’s release.  It’s only three days away.  Three days!  Worrying does no good, and I’m sure some of the worry was runoff thanks to the exams, but I’m still doing it.  But I’m also incredibly excited for the day to arrive!  I can’t wait for The Argent Star to be out there in the world and (hopefully) in the hands of readers.


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