February Update

So the other day I posted my weekly update, but I didn’t realize that I had this update coming so soon.  February just sort of disappeared for me-I was quite busy at school and then so focused on writing and editing in my off time.  It’s nice when that happens but I also feel like I missed out on something at the same time.

Here’s a quick recap:

Writing: Monarchy 3 reached 50,000 words!  Well over halfway to my goal.

Editing: The Howling Jade (Monarchy 2) has finished it’s first edit.

Plotting: Now that certain things are set in place in books 2 and 3, I’ve managed to get a rough outline of events into book 7! WHAT EVEN.  Super rough outline, but I’m excited to see how things go.

One last thing: A week until The Argent Star is available!  ONE week until my science fiction mystery is available for people to read (and hopefully enjoy!).  The day before I will put up one last excerpt, but you can read a few right now on Wattpad.


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