Weekly Writing Update (02/14/2015)

My weekly word goal of 10K was achieved earlier this week, bringing Monarchy 3 up to 30K words.  I like where it’s going so far, but I’m not sure what’s going on with one character; he just seems off.  He may  need to be rewritten completely, but I can’t decide just yet.  All I know is that something will have to change.  Hopefully the plot makes as much sense as I think it does–it’s process is a little different than the first two since I now have an entire universe to run around in rather than one planet.  And there’s about five characters with constant interaction as opposed to two.  So much dialogue!  I’m in the process of cutting two of them out, since as much as I love them, they don’t really move the plot along as much as I thought they would.  Therefore much of them will be cut out.

The Argent Star final draft is officially up on Amazon for preorder.  And in the back I’ve included an excerpt from the second book, The Howling Jade.


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