WIP Wednesday (Howling Jade 1)

I don’t have a real concrete blogging schedule, so I thought maybe in an attempt to do things in an organized fashion (I have a day planner now!) I would start participating in the weekly posts I see a lot of people doing.  One that I really like is WIP Wednesday, when you post a bit about what you’re working on.

I thought for mine I would do the second book in my Monarchy series, despite the fact that book one (The Argent Star) isn’t out yet.  I’m still working through my first overhaul of the newly finished draft and thankfully I’ve yet to find any major plot holes.  Here it is:

Ren twirled her fingertips into the glowing water for an hour before she heard footsteps approach.  The trail that her fingers traced left ripples in the water and cast them out to the rest of the lake, a reminder of the affect she had on the world.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with a regular schedule and discover what does/doesn’t work for me.


Click on the photo to read special excerpts from The Argent Star, or preorder on Amazon!


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