January Update

This month seemed to fly right by!  And thankfully I made good use of it.


This month I managed to write approximately 45,000 words (since I didn’t start logging until the 8th, it’s not an exact number).  I finished my second book in The Monarchy series, and started the third!  Tomorrow I’m planning for book 3 to be at about 10K.    January was wonderfully productive, and I’m aiming to do maybe 10K a week for February, depending on how school goes.

It’s been interesting keeping track of my daily writing like this, and it’s funny how when I have the most time (on the weekends), I do the least writing.

As for The Argent Star, I’m doing one last read through of it.  It’s kind of killing me since I’ve read it so many freaking times, I can only do a couple of chapters before my eyes just glaze over and nothing is getting through.  I have found some sentences to change around, but I’m not sure if it’s making it better or it’s just a lateral move.  So it is with editing, I guess.

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