Excerpt: The Argent Star

An excerpt from The Argent Star, available March 9!  You can read more on Wattpad.

“Well, when the Monarchy showed them this,”—Garret nodded to the paper—“and their current Prime Minister passed away, his successor was very willing to pass the torch.”

Ren inspected the paper closer while Elian tried to remember what a Prime Minister was. The only words she could make out were “Star Deed” and “Meredith Argent”, along with a seemingly random set of numbers.

“Something that isn’t widely known is that back on Earth in the latter twentieth to early twenty-first century, people would gift stars to each other,” Garret explained.

“Seriously?” Elian asked.

Garret nodded. “And in 1984, a man named Daniel Argent gave his girlfriend and soon to be wife a star for their wedding. Ring any chimes?”

“Bells,” Ren corrected. “And yes, it does. Are you saying because our ancestor named a star, through a company that doesn’t have any right to name stars I might add, that we own it now? And by default, the planet that orbits it?”

“Absolutely,” Garret said with a grin. Ren had hoped her corrections would make him think twice before opening his mouth, or at least put a damper on his mood, but it did neither. “You are now the royal family of the planet Novae.” Garret bowed towards the new royals. “Welcome to the Monarchy.”


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