Book 3 Begins

After finishing book two in my Monarchy series I thought I should get right to work while that one settles.  I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave it for before I begin editing, a couple of weeks maybe?  Either way I’ve begun writing notes on Argent 3!

I feel Argent 3 will take longer than 2, only because I don’t have as many scenes in my head as before.  I have the overall plot, and an idea of what I want in the middle, but not too many details.  Hence why I’m going to be doing mainly note taking for a little bit.

Another hitch I might run into is the fact that I’m switching point of view.  Books one and two are told from Ren’s POV, and it all takes place on one planet.  Book three is going to be from another characters POV that was introduced in book 2, and continue from the cliffhanger.  So it’ll be a little different!

I decided to do the series this way after the suggestion from my mother.  I tend to have ADD when it comes to writing, and need to change it up, so she suggested I write two books from one POV, and then switch to another already introduced character.  Somehow I’ve come up with a way to connect them, and have the plot planned out into about book 5/6 (barring any changes that come up while writing!  That’s already happened).


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