Argent 2 DONE!

Guess what I just finished!  The first draft to Argent 2!  I sat down today to finish a scene and ended up writing 6900 words (I’m have not moved for a few hours and now need to seriously stretch).  My ending completely changed, and book three is set up nicely I think.  It still needs a lot of editing, but damn I’m happy the first draft is done!  I can now set it down for a few days before picking it up for some revisions.  Honestly I think I mainly need to add a bit more detail to some scenes, because I breezed through them so fast.  But I will see.

My original goal for this one was 70,000 words, because The Argent Star is about 80,000.  Argent two ended up being 78,000 which I’m happy with.  I didn’t want them to be too different in word count, because I have this stupid thought that second books need to be longer than first ones?  I ignore that thought and just write until it’s done.

Ahhhhh, the euphoria of finishing a book  (or at least the first draft of one).  I hope I get lucky and book three goes as well as this one, and not like the first.  Finishing the first draft in two months compared to a year just sounds better.


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