Another milestone reached

Argent 2 has reached 60K!  This word goal chart is keeping me very motivated.  After I did some more in depth outlining the other day I’ve found how the plot is going to proceed until the end, although there are still a few details that need working out.  I’ve briefly looked over certain parts that I have, and one of my characters dialogue needs some reworking, like she needs more personality.  Or a more unique personality I guess.  A couple of things have popped up for her that I wasn’t prepared for, and it’s changed her character slightly.  Not enough to require a major overhaul, but enough to make me reconsider certain actions.

Now, onto The Argent Star!  I’ve started to narrow down a release date for it and am hoping for a week or so before  March break.  I thought that might be enough time to give it one last read through, as well as give me a possible advantage for the first KDP free days I want to use.  Things are going well, so let’s hope this continues!

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