Tantalizing Excerpts

So as you know I’m getting ready to publish my scifi novel, The Argent Star, on KDPS.  The only thing is that Amazon only lets you use a small amount of your book for promotional purposes, and it’s left me wondering what kind of scenes are best for that.  Right now I have the prologue and a bit of chapter one on Wattpad.  And as I was going over my book again I found a couple of scenes that I think would be good (one is an introduction of a new major character, the other is a bonding scene of sorts that explains a good bit about the MC), but I don’t know if they would be appropriate.

As a reader I personally prefer reading the beginning as an excerpt rather than anything in the middle of the book.  I find reading a scene from the middle ruins the scene for me when I get to it later on.  But that’s just me, and I know that a lot of people want more than the beginning to get a feel for the book.  I’m trying to figure to if action is better than emotion or vice versa.  Or if it even matters!

So, thoughts?  What kind of excerpt do you like reading?  What kind of excerpt do you prefer to give for your own books?

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