Happy 50K!

Argent 2 is officially at 50K!  There are a couple of scenes that need reworking, and I’m pretty sure it must have about a thousand typos in it, but it’s a solid start to finishing my first draft.  As I was rereading a scene the other day I had to remind myself yet again that it’s okay if it isn’t perfect right now.  Or ever.

The fact that I’m this far already is still astounding to me.  Normally I’m a much slower writer.  I’m also looking forward to being able to release The Argent Star and have at least the first draft to book two complete.  It really helps with timelines I think.

Only 20K more words until I reach my goal for the book, and right now I’m not sure if it will be that long or not.  I don’t have the complete ending planned out, or how my characters are even going to approach the ending exactly, so I can’t estimate end word count like I could with The Argent Star.  For now I’ll just keep writing and see where it goes.  I look forward to seeing what my characters do!

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