3 Files to Help With the Sequel

Since writing the Argent 2 I’ve noticed some things are more helpful than others when working on the sequel.  And they’re all pretty helpful for any story really, second or first or tenth or millionth.

1. A “Needs” file.
I write in Scrivener, so I ended up putting a page titled “NEEDS”, which is literally just a list of things I need to add in.  They’re uncompromising requirements to explain something that happened/put future events in order.  It’s easy to forget that you need a character to say a certain line or have them see something important in a scene!  Therefore, the NEEDS file.

2. A “Previously On” file.
Another wonderful page to keep is self explanatory, but I will explain anyway.  A file with key points from the previous book to remind you of things.  I tend to keep things like hair colour and landmarks in there too, because I tend to forget them a lot and focus in on story instead.

3.  Profiles for new characters.
I have rather in depth profiles on my main characters, but not so much on the new side characters.  I have to really sit down and think about who they are and how they’ll react, because honestly there’s no telling who could end up as important and who will be useless.  I have one person in my first book that wasn’t going to be anyone important, and ended up being a main character.  So no matter who they are, have a profile for them!

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