Writing Goals for 2015

First off, happy new year!

Secondly, it’s time for some hopefully realistic goals for this year.

1. Finish Argent 2.

2. Write every day.  Minimum goal of 500 words to help work towards resolution #1!

That’s it, those are really all my writing goals.  I plan on publishing The Argent Star this year, but I’m not going to count that as a resolution.  However I will add an extra resolution in…

3. Finish Argent 3!

Argent 2 has gone so well, and I hope to finish it up in the next couple months (barring unforeseen circumstances).  Which means that I should hopefully be able to start the rough draft of Argent 3 come spring-time.

Wish me luck!

PS: You can check out The Argent Star on Wattpad!

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