Down to Business

The past few days I haven’t written anything.  After Christmas I ended up just doing nothing, or going out all day.  I also received mainly money as a gift, so the online shopping commenced!  Which all added up to no writing.

I have 200 words to go until I reach 40K on Argent 2.  I wanted to get to 50K by the new year but I’m not sure I can get to that at this pace.  I’ll really have to sit my butt down and write!  But…I’m at a crossroads in the novel, and not totally sure where to go.  I know not writing is not going to help though.

I hope everyone had happy holidays (or are still having them if that’s the case!).  Obligatory new years resolutions posts are soon to come, for fitness and writing!

PS: I’ve started hearing back more about The Argent Star, and the issues that are coming up are not the issues I expected.  Isn’t that how it always goes?

2 thoughts on “Down to Business

  1. jasoncbraatz says:

    You go! Even if you don’t hit that 50k by Jan 1 don’t look at that as a lost goal ; for me, I always see that those ‘spurts’ come and go are for good reason as I always come up with something better after not having ambition for a little while than forcing something that isn’t flowing that day. That being said, have you checked out Dragon Dictate or Apple dictation? It works well for me when I’m not feeling very creative with the fingers but I’m still trying to work against a deadline, even if it’s self-imposed. Sometimes just talking with those dictation systems – even if it ends up with having a bunch of paragraphs in a crazy need-to-badly edit form, helps me get the oil working in the mental machine. 😉


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