Another Goal Down

I just breezed right from 20K to 30K on Argent 2!  It was a very productive week, and I hope the next two will be just as good.  I’m going to use this weekend to jot down some notes on the coming chapters because I’m absolutely certain that the only reason I’ve done so well this week is because of my notes.  It’s so much easier to sit down and write when I have a reference point, and that’s why I’ve managed to write 3000 words a day the past couple of days.

One scene did change from my notes to as what actually happened, but it’s for the better I believe.  It’s always funny how you can plan and plan and plan, and one small change makes the rest of the chapter (or book) completely different.  That’s something I’ll never tire of when in writing!

30,000 words is almost halfway to my total goal of 70K for Argent 2! 😀

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