December Schedule

It’s already December 9 and I don’t know how that happened.  I’m pretty sure yesterday was Halloween guys.  But now Christmas is less than three weeks away?!  I should start shopping.  I’m one of those terrible people that goes out two days before to buy gifts, even though I know in like June what I’m getting people.

Anyway, today I was making some notes on the next chapters of Argent 2 and realized that I have everything planned out into the new year (as far as writing goals anyway!).  I have two weeks left of school then I’m off for two weeks, which will give me tons of time to write!  😀  It’s nice not working through school.  And better yet, I don’t have to work boxing day!!  I’ve worked every boxing day since I was 14, all in customer service/retail positions, and this will be the first year I’m not.  It’s quite amazing.  No angry Xmas shoppers yelling at me, no deadly parking conditions because someone absolutely NEEDS my spot when I’m leaving.  Best of all no coworkers crying in the back room because some jerk decided to scream at them for being out of stock of something.  All I have to worry about is writing 🙂

Argent 2 currently sits at about 15K, so I’m hoping I’ll be lucky and get it up to 30K for the new year.  I feel that’s a plausible goal, considering I have two weeks off (and I’ve been able to do about 1K a day).  My extra goal is anywhere from 35-40K, but I’m not about to hold my breath.

Since I’m past the 10K mark I’ve begun my usual spiral of worry about “what if it isn’t long enough?  What if I can’t think of any good scenes for character development?  What if it just doesn’t make sense?!”.  I’m ignoring the voices but they make it hard; they sneak up when you least suspect it.  I’ve never been one to overthink plot lines and am more of a jump-in-see-what-happens sort of writer, but there are some very specific things I need to happen for the third book to make sense.  So I’ve been doing more dwelling than normal (it doesn’t help that I’m waiting to hear back about book 1!).

So, those are my plans for the rest of the month.  To anyone working retail right now, I wish you luck.  Stay strong.  Look up Retail Robin on Pinterest and laugh because IT’S ALL SO FREAKING TRUE.  Now I’m off to write (or try…I forgot about 200 words at school today :/ ).

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