10K on Argent Star 2

I didn’t think I would get to 10K so fast on the second book in my series, especially because I haven’t gotten much feedback on the first one yet!  But I ended up playing around with it at school for the past couple days, and before I knew it it reached 10,000 words (I’d just like to note not ALL those words were done in class!). 😀  Hopefully I won’t have too much to change once I get the suggested edits from my beta readers for The Argent Star…

It would be nice if I could keep this pace up, like on every story all the time.  I’d get tons done then!  But that’s just not realistic, so I shall continue to aim for my usual 1000 goal.  It is getting a little harrowing though because I can hear other stories calling to me.  I’ve been doing okay ignoring them, but I want to work on everything all at the same time.  But I will continue to say no!  I will focus on ONE story at a time, otherwise I know it would take too long to get anything done, and it might get a little inconsistent in writing style.

Has anyone else made progress on their stories?  Or have tips on how to focus on just one?

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