Book 2 is Ago

I’m (im)patiently awaiting to hear back from my alpha readers about The Argent Star, and even though I’m busy with school I have a fair amount of free time.  I went through it again and took out a couple more little typos, and started to revise the names of some things.  Although it took a while to come up with, I finally found a suitable replacement for the protectors in my book.  They guard the cities, and I just called them Guardians, and now, thankfully, they have a much more original name!  More on that another time.

Now I’m letting The Argent Star rest a bit (in my head at least), and starting on the second in the series.  At first I wanted to wait and hear back, but really working on an outline and a few scenes won’t hurt.  It’ll at least keep me writing daily!

The other day in class (yes, I’m a terrible student), I ended up outlining five chapters, and came up with a name for my instigator.  She’s wonderful, and will require way more research.

PS: the prologue to The Argent Star is up on Wattpad if you would like to check it out!  It’s very short, but hopefully intriguing 🙂 (Just click the photo for the link).

Coming February 2015

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