6 Things You Might Hear as a Writer

If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve had some of these things said to you…I’ve experienced them all more than once.

1.  “ANOTHER book?”

Yes, the answer is yes, another book.  ALWAYS ANOTHER BOOK.  I don’t care that I have a hundred unread books at home, I will always need more.

2.  “You talk weird.”

I don’t get this one as much now that I’m older, but all through school I would hear it.  I’m told the words I use are “too big” or “strange”.  It forced me into the habit of editing what I say depending on who I’m talking to.

3.  “You’re staring again.”

People watching is an avid hobby of many writers, but I guess sometimes we might not be aware that OTHER people do it to.  And other people might notice you staring intently at some guy with his coffee, making mental notes on how he’s sitting and what that portrays about his personality.  Thankfully it’s only friends and family that really notice (at least for me!).

4.  “How long does it take to write a book?”

To me a book is never finished.  There is always a revision or an edit to do, no matter how many times I go through it.  But eventually you just gotta put it down and say, “DONE”.  Otherwise, you’ll go insane.

5.  “Yeah, but…how?”

I’ve never been able to answer this one.  How do you write?  I sit my ass down and do it.

6.  “Wow, your internet search history is clean.”

Okay, maybe you won’t hear this one too often, but as a writer you have to search a lot of ah…unusual things.  Especially if you enjoy murder mysteries.  I swear, how to properly poison someone with an untraceable herb is totally for a book.  Promise.  Better to just delete it before questions are asked.


How many have you heard?

PS: Don’t forget to check out the cover to my sci-fi book!

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