What’s in a Name?

Going through my book I’m actually not questioning my main characters name.  It took so long to get to this point, and I’m ecstatic!  Her name has changed so many times I’m not even sure what it began with.  Probably something like this as I began chapter 1:

I don’t usually plan when I first start, okay?  I just sit and type and see what happens at first.

When I first started looking for a name for her I wanted something with a simple nickname that could either be male or female, with a traditionally feminine full version.  There are a lot of those out there, and after much tribulation (as well as working through about 9/10 of the book), I fell onto Loren; Ren for short!

The more I read it the more I love it.  It suits her personality without sounding like she’s trying to be perceived as male, which I’ve noticed in some books and movies is a trend.

She’s only one of two people in the book who’s name has changed, and the other person only got one change.  I’m quite happy with how it’s turning out for once!

So, how do you decide on a characters name (either main or side)?  Literally all I do sometimes is throw letters together and see what happens.  It doesn’t always work out well…


Upcoming Posts:

1. I debate on the title of my novel, and hopefully by the end of the post come to a conclusion.

2. I muse over publishing platforms and look for opinions!

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